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Could It Be True, Customers Start NEW Projects Just To Work With Us? 

They’ll Never Admit It…But, We Believe It To Be So.

Maybe it’s because…

We’ve broke the code to 3D modeling for housing.  This is a REAL GAME CHANGER.  The transition from hand drafting to CAD was nothing compared to this.  No more Dumb Lines on Paper.  Now, your Construction Documents are SMART… I mean REALLY SMART.

So, what can this really smart system of creating housing do for you?

The cheating days of hand sketches and CAD drawing days are over.  3D MODELS DON’T LIE.  Design flaws are exposed… exposed flaws get corrected… FAST.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are getting… Long Before Construction Starts.

How about giving your investors or partners a 3D glimpse before the project begins?  … or better yet, getting potential buyers. excited earlier than ever before.

Something important.  You use your model plans over and over… for years and years…  If you start a new project today with CAD Drawings, you are marrying yourself to old technology that will cost you a hefty price.  

With 3D modeling, now you’ll save time in design.  Second, Third and Fourth GUESSING is over.  Now you can focus on what’s important, getting the most for every dollar you spend in construction.

The guessing game is over, you’ll be able to see how each element that you add affects the aesthetics.  You’ll benefit by knowing WITHOUT A DOUBT which changes improve the look.  By being able to isolate how each change affects the look and feel, you can determine if the added cost is worthy of consideration.

Since 3D models don’t lie, wouldn’t it be beneficial for your construction team to have the 3D models included?

What’s really cool, your team will now the answers to the test… Think about it, if it benefits you during the design process, don’t you think it will help your site supervisor check the work of your subs?  Lets really drill down, won’t it also help prevent your subs from making mistakes in the first place?

Your construction documents will look the same.  But, that’s where the similarity ends.  For simplicity sake, remember these three things when it comes to 3D modeling and producing construction documents:

  • Models Don’t Lie
  • Your drawings are smart… Really Smart.
  • Your drawings will now have Answers to the Test… Included.

What’s your time worth?  How much time and hassle do you go through to get your marketing collateral prepared?

Now you’ll get the artwork from the source, not a rendering house.  The team that poured blood, sweat and tears into your designs will now provide you with the final presentation material.  And, you will get it quicker than ever before.  You sales staff will be off to the races sooner and you’ll be relieved of the coordination and checking for the mistakes that always come with Rendering Houses.

And, we’ve only scratched the surface.  Now, combine 3D Modeling with our ridiculous attention to cost savings design concepts… concepts that our most ardent fans and clients don’t even realize we do on EVERY Project we design.

Why don’t they know all of the little things that we do?  Because we relieve them of that burden… and they trust us. We hear it all the time, “Your homes are easier to build”.

This is something we are sticklers about.  If you’d like to get a deeper understanding about how we do it, check this out:

A tale of Two Homes

This story will give you insight





Imagine… seeing the homes designed for you… in photorealistic form, during the design process… getting construction documents that are the most organized feature rich plans you’ve ever worked with… and best yet, imagine… having your team SELLING before your CD’s are complete.

Imagine… seeing the homes you are planning to build while they are being designed… not after you build. How would making surprises and field changes a thing of the past.  By designing homes with 3-dimensional modeling software your vision will be revealed… from the start.

Imagine… having plans that are so smart, there’s only a few dumb lines (just added for clarity). Everything else is… just what you see. Cabinets are really cabinets, windows are windows, the roof tile is really roof tile,  and the list goes on and on. Dumb lines on paper aka CAD has come and gone.  Don’t get caught riding the dead horse of CAD.

Imagine… getting construction documents that are so specialized for building that sub-contractors can’t resist charging less when bidding your projects. They’ll love your CD’s so much because they…

  • Are predictable.
  • Have information located in exactly in the same place… for every set of plans.
  • Don’t duplicate information. Plans that are organized with numerous options can become complex. Repeating information only adds to clutter and confusion.

Imagine… designs that are so well thought out that buyers love the homes you build. They’ll love your homes so much because they…

  • Live larger than they really are because they have…
    • Less wasted space
    • Are designed with superior circulation patterns
    • Rooms that feel larger when furnished

Now Imagine… the process of creating homes being so effortless, you’ll have time to do what you do best…

As Commercial Architects and Residential Architects, we provide comprehensive architectural services throughout Arizona and Southern California. At ASA our philosophy was established over two decades ago by Jon Anderson’s desire to understand what it was like to be on the cli­ent’s side of the desk. Through Jon’s years of estimating, contract administration and project management in construction, ASA has the unique advantage of understanding our customer’s needs.

Typically, budget is treated as a dirty word. At Anderson Studio Architects, we con­sider the budget a key element of the puzzle in the success of the project.

We have extensive experience in both commer­cial and residential architecture and construc­tion. We thoroughly understand how to design and detail a building that is cost effective with­out sacrificing design. Our experience with building keeps us abreast with the most eco­nomical construction methods. We also pay attention to issues which present unnecessary warranty call backs. We discuss construction techniques with sub contractors and clients on a daily basis.

Our projects are stimulating yet, affordable to build.

ASA’s success is defined by our customer’s achievements.

” Extra effort is placed into making sure each detail is covered. It’s not just about his bottom line; success of the client’s project is paramount. ”

Zac Sharpe, Pepper Viner

The ASA VALUE Design process reduces construction costs. Sub-contractors (trade partners) have a wealth of knowledge in their respective trades. We incorporate their experience and wisdom to simplify construction. Our projects benefit by including their input during the design process. Our system works for all project types. From Commercial architecture including commercial office buildings, retail centers, tenant improvements, industrial architecture and even restaurants to Residential architecture including production housing, multi family housing and even custom homes.

Dialogue with sub-contractors will be instrumental in assisting us to reduce your costs. The sub-contractors will have a sense of ownership in the plans thus, feel more comfortable with them. Additionally, when bidding the job, they will be defending their turf. Efficiencies in construction will be discovered and incorporated into the plans. Potential conflicts will be identified and resolved prior to the start of construction.

We continue to save our cli­ent’s thousands of dollars in interest by meeting stringent time demands. From the day we begin your project, our goal is to serve you by paying careful and prompt atten­tion to your requests. Our staff is easily accessible for clarifications. Your personnel will receive answers to questions in a timely manner.

Adherence to your time schedule will eliminate the frustration and cost overruns associated with proj­ect delays. Through working with builders and contractors prior to entering the architectural business, we are uniquely qualified to under­stand the benefit and importance of a timely response.

” You have been a great Team to work with. Your professionalism and timeliness have helped keep our proj­ect on track and on budget. I also appreciate your atten­tion to the cost impacts of the drawings and constantly help improve the cost effectiveness of our project. ”

David Ollanik, Oasis Tucson

We understand how to balance your project’s needs.  Our design solutions have the visual appeal you’re looking for while satisfying your budget.  With that said, give us a call at 520.577.7411.  You will see why over 92.7% of our work is from repeat clients.