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A Small Sample of our Commercial Architectural Services
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Today, More Than Ever, Meeting Your Budget Is Critical

Miss the budget, the project dies. We’ve developed a unique approach to SAVE CLIENTS MONEY. It’s ASA’s Value Design process.

Value Design is a system we’ve refined from over two decades of architectural practice. Don’t confuse Value Design with it’s country cousin value engineering. Value Engineering is a process of employing general and sub contractors knowledge to reduce construction costs after the design and construction drawings have been completed. By then, it’s too late.

The opposite occurs with VALUE DESIGN. This is a process where the wealth of knowledge and training that only today’s builders and sub contractors have is leveraged into your project.

Designing savings into your project from the start, that’s the most effective strategy to reducing costs and meeting budgets.

It’s not left to chance. Our principal architect, Jon Anderson, does not meet with you and then pass the job off to ASA’s staff. Jon is involved in every project from start to finish. This will assure your goals are achieved.

What’s really neat is that we pull the curtains back. Our clients get to see the process first hand. In fact, the process works best when they are involved.

No project type is immune from the effects of our VALUE DESIGN process. Rather it’s a tenant improvement, office building, retail strip, restaurant or light industrial metal buildings, value design will control the cost and schedule of your project.

See for yourself; how our construction experience and Value Design approach is different.

We are not only about the cost of your project. We talk about it a lot because; almost every architect in our industry approaches this subject from the wrong perspective. Let’s not forget, Aesthetics are also important and we’ll knock your socks off with creative solutions.

No project type is immune from the effects of our VALUE DESIGN PROCESS. Retail strip centers, office buildings, tenant improvements, metal buildings and even restaurant architecture; value design will control the cost and scheduling of your project.

There is one element that really sets us apart, Its Our Clients. Almost every one of our customers has one common denominator. They’re repeat customers of Anderson Studio Architects. Give us a call to see how we can bring your project to life. BE WARNED, we’re addicting.