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With Housing, We’ve Got The Bases Covered
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Housing: Residential Architects That Know Housing Inside And Out

Understanding the nuances to housing is more difficult than it appears on the surface. That is really understanding all of the bits and pieces that make housing successful.

We have extensive experience providing housing solutions to our clients. We have completed numerous projects in:

Regardless of housing type, custom, starter, apartment or townhouse, all have the same roots. They are based in the AMERICAN DREAM. It all goes back to the 3 bedroom and 2 bath house on its own piece of land.

Unconventional Wisdom
Production housing or tract housing is where the rubber meets the road. If you know production housing. I mean, know it cold, you’ve set the basis for success with all types of housing.

This sounds odd. But think about it, that’s tougher? Design and build housing for people looking for their own identity. Along with it, comes their little slice of heaven. Now mix in broad appeal. You are still not done there. How about maintainability and warranty issues? This is the black hole for lost profits.

We still haven’t listed the greatest issue that have to be solved for production housing. BUILDING COST! As you can see, it is a balancing act.


Production housing by top residential architects with construction experience.Designing Production Housing projects that are appealing and cost effective to build is a goal that we share with you. At ASA, our services help you accomplish this goal. Our concise, accurate plans will reduce costly change orders during construction. You will benefit from our ability to control costs. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to understand the information a builder needs to construct a house. Too much information on the construction drawings can be equally damaging as not having enough. Through years of estimating and project management experience in construction and keeping abreast with sub-contractors and builders needs, we provide house plans that are buildable. Due to our knowledge and experience in housing, we are uniquely qualified residential architects for performing residential design services for you. Contact us at 520.577.7411 to discuss your project. You will be happy with the results.

“The extraordinary value in working with Anderson Studio Architects is the marriage of brilliant design with cost conscious practices.”

Frank Della Cioppa, Dell Mar Homes LLC


top affordable housing architects that produce low cost housing architectureDesigning Affordable Housing projects that produce low cost homes; isn’t that what it’s all about? Look in all of the magazines. That is not what you see. The published affordable projects are anything but low cost. But why, is that so? Because low cost and true affordable housing are mistaken for cheap and ugly. We know how to produce true low cost affordable housing. Our roots in construction and production housing architecture is the foundation of experience we draw upon. Affordable low cost housing design principles work in all housing types including: production housing, multi family housing, non profit housing and even custom homes. Take a deeper look at our philosophy. We have a case study about effective cost saving techniques and the surprise is we used a high end semi custom home for the demonstration. We did so to prove considerable money can be saved on all types of housing without sacrificing the quality of design or appearance of a home. In fact, in many cases the pinciples we use make a home feel larger and better. See our A Tale Of Two Homes: Excellent housing design that saves money.

“Extra effort is placed into making sure each detail is covered. It’s not just about his bottom line; success of the client’s project is paramount.”

Zac Sharpe, Pepper Viner Homes


best in multi family housing architectureMulti-family housing is best served by a multi-disciplined architectural firm. ASA has the tools and knowledge necessary to pro­vide outstanding results. Our vast experience with production housing provides us with the background to design living units that are functional and feel larger than they actually are. With our commercial knowledge, we are capable of communicating the necessary information for construction in the field. Additionally, our experience in construction guides us in the design and construction documentation process for the toughest of Multi Family Housing projects.

Your desire to put forth the best product possible and your willingness to listen to differing viewpoints combine to give the customer the excellent service that is rather unique in the construction industry.

Reed A. Snell, L & L Manufactured Components


Custom Homes Courtyard EntryA custom home is all about its owner and family. ASA is driven to unearth and understand the needs, desires and dislikes during the design process.CUSTOM HOMES The needs of our clients not ours. It requires our clients be involved from the beginning. Building the client / architect relationship proves impressive results. Our clients have called us geniuses after living in our houses. Really, it sim­ply boils down to two things. First, we listen. And second, we are passionate about understanding cost effective construction techniques. Our background in construction and production housing gives us the ability to provide superior designs that costs less to build. It is easy to say and hard to do. Our principal has spent over two-and-a-half decades studying cost saving construction techniques and relating them to design. ASA’s designs will save you money. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to tell their friends “I designed my house. ASA listened well and drew up exactly how I envisioned my home. And best yet, I ended up with a great deal on the construction cost”. That means that ASA did their job. We were able to translate their vision into reality. Isn’t that what you are really looking for? Click here to see more about our Designing Custom Homes design process. Give us a call at 520.577.7411 to see how we can turn your dreams into reality.

I really like the plan for the house and barn. The home has just a really nice flow to it…I can’t even make any suggestions on the home, I love it. Just thought I’d throw in my “2 cents” and let you know I’M SO IMPRESSED.

Vicky P., Custom Home Client


Remodeling and additions are often overlooked by architectural firms. We have developed an efficient approach that provides our clients with the same level of service that is expected from larger projects. Our design solutions are creative and cost effective to build. ASA has been a trusted resource for over 16 years. We provide creative design solutions that are cost effective to build. Our Value Design approach will save money during construction.

Doucette-Ewer Construction has chosen Anderson Studio Architects exclusively for all our architectural design needs. Their commitment to excellence, innovative approach to design and thorough professionalism fit well with our mission to provide the finest in design and function to our clients.

Kent J. Ewer, General Manager, Doucette-Ewer Construction, L.L.C.

Take a look at our production housing to see where it all begins. With over 20 thousand homes built from Anderson Studio Architects plans, we have the experience you need.  Give Jon a call to see how you can have marketable homes that are less expensive to build. In other words, we are top Residential Architects that design homes that are profitable…even in today’s market.